Art of chess pieces

March 2, 2017

Javascript 3d chess pieces, drawings in canvas


canvasBoard.png canvaspieces2.png

OwlChess flash game

February 7, 2017


Owl Chess fullscreen

Browsable chess games

May 30, 2014

Immortal Chess Games, Logical Chess Move By Move by Chernev,

chess games played by Jose Raul CapablancaGarry Kasparov, Mikhail Tal

annotations by  Alexander Alekhine

list of chess openings – most played with ECO codes and names

US Chess Championship 2014 games of masters

World Chess Junior u20 Championship 2014 games

*created by using free tool c1_chess


FreeBasic chess

March 27, 2014

screenshot1   screenshot2

Android Chess on Manymo Website

April 1, 2013

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For registered users here.

Opponent’s AI based on java port of Fruit chess engine.

DOS Chess

February 23, 2013
DOS chess

DOS chess for DosBox

Flash Chess game

May 11, 2011

Flash Chess

Flash Chess

Crazyhouse, Bughouse, Suicide chess

April 16, 2011

Play with Sjeng program in browser: jsSjeng

Bughouse of jsSjeng

Bughouse of jsSjeng

Lua chess game

February 19, 2011

3D projects without chess engines

January 22, 2011
Sample of chess rendering on FPS platform

Sample of chess rendering on FPS platform

Chess based on Blender game engine

Chess based on Blender game engine

These two projects are lacking strong chess AIs.

Visual demos or sources for next developments…

UnrealEd Chess , Blender Chess